Everything has a cost.

I never thought the cost of falling in love could be my life. But when the Vampire Council gets reports of increased magical activity in the surrounding areas, they give the order for vampires to kill any witches they come across. I trust Lucas to never hurt me, but he’s not the only vampire in my life, and let’s just say the others aren’t my biggest fans.

While I’m busy trying not to become vampire chow, something dark and powerful is surrounding Thorne Hill, infecting everything—and everyone—that gets in its path. If the darkness gets to the Ley line, then the whole town is doomed.

I won’t go down without a fight, but how can I fight something I can’t even see?

He’s a vampire. I’m human. He won’t age. I’ll get old. He’ll live forever. I’ll die. We love each other, but is love enough?


Dark of Night picks up right where Dead of Night leaves off, so with that being said if you haven’t read Dead of Night go back and start there or else the story won’t make much sense, plus Dead of Night is fantastic.

I thought it would be hard to top Dead of Night, but Dark of Night blew it out of the water for me. The chemistry between Callie and Lucas as hotter than ever and I feel like it will only continue to get hotter as the story goes on. Despite the fact they shouldn’t be together they don’t let that stop that, they continue to fight and to prove everyone wrong. I loved Callie’s strength, especially when it comes to her family (specifically her father and brother). I was cheering that girl on when she stood up for herself.

I love Emily’s writing style and how she paints such a vivid picture for each scene you truly feel like you are standing right there in the middle of the woods with Callie and Lucas. It’s so easy to get lost in the story and the scenes.

This story is filled with romance, it is filled with loads of drama, suspense, action and a couple of laughs. Some questions in the plot were answered and of course, more questions popped up. I seriously can’t wait for book 3 to see what is next for Callie and Lucas, especially with the cliffhanger we got in this one.


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