REVIEW : Dangerous Temptations by Kelly Elliott and Kristin Mayer

Mike Murphy is the new cop in Town.

He makes me crazy in all the right ways.

So crazy that I lose my filter around him, not to mention my ability to function like a normal person.

The attraction between us is undeniable and something we can’t ignore.

But there’s a secret that threatens to come between us. When we uncover more than we should, things become dangerous.

Will we be able to walk away, or will the quest to find the truth be too tempting?

I needed to get my wits about me before the next time I ran into Mike Murphy, the sexy cop.


I don’t even know where to begin with this review. I can’t form how much I love this book into words, so this will probably be pretty short and sweet.  I have a serious book hangover. I would rate this book A MILLION STARS if I could. I am that in love with it!

I loved Sydney, plain and simple, I just loved her. She had some sassiness to her and she was an adventurer at heart. Mike, well who doesn’t love cop!? The two of them together were perfect. They hit it off from the very first meeting and then together went on one crazy adventure together.

Dangerous Temptations is so much more than just a romance story. I loved the mystery and the adventure. This book ticked so many boxes for me. It had romance, an awesome heroine, a sexy cop, an hilarious family (seriously, Mike’s parents killed me), adventure and secrets! I DEVOURED this story. I loved EVERY SINGLE MOMENT, EVERY SINGLE TWIST and TURN. Think steamy romance novel meets the Da Vinci Code.

I don’t think I can recommend this book enough. It is a MUST READ and one of my favorite books of 2019 hands down!


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