REVIEW : Curves Ahead by Andi Jaxon


Everyone knows appearances can be deceiving, and in my case, even I’ve been fooled.

The last thing I need is immature man-child, Alexander Bennet, trying to smile his way into my pants. I hate everything about him; his stupid smirk, his rumbling chuckle, and the way butterflies riot in my stomach when he aims them at me. Our sparring matches go from maddening to stimulating and suddenly my mind and body are at war.

Unfortunately for me, my life is nothing but lies. Twisted secrets keep throwing us together then pulling us apart as we try to unravel it.

Will the one person I want nothing to do with, be my salvation? Or are we doomed to tear each other apart?

*if you have triggers, please proceed with caution*

I do NOT want Alexander Bennet. Resident pig and playboy extraordinaire.

my review

Curves Ahead is an intense, suspenseful, emotional, swoon worthy roller coaster ride. No joke. This book had my emotions all over the place.

This book isn’t going to be for everyone. There are things that could be triggers, so proceed with caution when starting this one.

I am no stranger to Andi Jaxon’s books and honestly have loved every single one of them. If you have read Learning Curve you’ll recognize the main characters of this story. The heroine is Kristen, who is Ben’s best friend, and the hero is Alex, who is Alistar’s twin brother. This can be read as a standalone, however, I believe that the story just flows better if you read Learning Curve first.

Alex Bennet comes across as a playboy, that he just doesn’t care about anything. But there is so much more to the man than what is on the outside. Yes, he is a law enforcement officer but he does so much more, especially for the community he lives in. His past broke my heart, but provides lots of insight into why he does the things he does.

Kristen. That girl. I loved her so much, but my heart also broke for her and everything she had experienced. It was heartbreaking, but I also loved that she tried to overcome it. Her life wasn’t easy, it never has been. She struggles with nightmares and her family, well they are just a piece of work. I was not a fan of them at all!

I loved the relationship between Alex and Kristen. They enjoyed getting under each other’s skin and it lead to some pretty great banter, but also there was a sense of protectiveness that Alex over Kristen and he knew there was something about her that was just different. They had great chemistry whether they were hating or loving each other.

This book broke my heart, but it also pieced it back together. If you’re looking for a romance full of emotions and suspense this is definitely one that I would highly recommend.

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