REVIEW : Come Back to Bed by Kayley Loring

Dear grouchy neighbor: I’m considering your offer and need clarification before proceeding. Despite being an artist, I think you know that as a busy New Yorker, I am also practical and straightforward. 

That said, I need to make sure you know that this could never turn into anything serious. I don’t care if you’re trying to get over your ex-girlfriend or hoping she’ll eventually want to get back together with you—just don’t project your messy feelings about her onto me. 

Because, despite your resemblance to an underwear model, I won’t be falling for you. Ever. 

Yours, with clear boundaries, 

p.s. I’d like to be very clear that regardless of whether or not we do this, nothing will change my feelings for your dog (and we both know she loves me too). 

Dear nutty neighbor: As a lawyer, I must clarify that I never made an offer. It was a suggestion regarding the possibility of a non-permanent, no-strings-attached arrangement between two consenting adults whose beds are separated by a wall. 

As a man who shares your disdain for messy feelings, I applaud your confidence in your ability to not fall for me. Hold onto that. I’d also like to make it clear that I don’t care if you want to get over your crush on your boss or if you still hope he’ll realize you’re the woman of his dreams. That said, I definitely wasn’t thinking about my ex-girlfriend when I kissed you in the laundry room, and I’m quite sure you weren’t thinking about your boss. 

As a dog daddy, I’m glad you’re so taken with my girl. But if you try to steal her I will get all Liam Neeson up in your pretty face. 

As a busy New Yorker, I think clear boundaries are hot. I have one hour free to blow your mind tonight. So turn off Netflix, put down that glass of wine, and let’s do this. 

Yours for now, 

If two temporary neighbors kiss each other in the dark and nobody sees it or discusses it afterwards, is it still a kiss?


I LOVED this story so much. Bernadette is such a fun heroine. She is hilarious, free spirited, and caring. She is an artist, who is also the assistant to a famous artist. Matt is the opposite. He is a lawyer, serious, but also has a sweet loving side, especially when it comes to his dog, Daisy.

These two become unlikely neighbors and form a friendship. However, there is also some attraction between them. Why not use their neighbor status and become friends with benefits? Bernadette doesn’t want anything more and Matt just got out of a serious relationship. What is the worst that can happen?

Bernadette and Matt have chemistry right off the bat. I loved their banter, the tension, everything about them. There was were so many times I found myself laughing out loud throughout the story, but also times where I was slightly blushing. This story had it all.

I listened to the audiobook and the narrators were fantastic like always! This isn’t my first audiobook from Kayley and I love that she uses the same narrators. Teddy Hamilton and Mackenzie Cartwright both do an AMAZING job. They both truly bring these characters to life and you can really feel their personalities shine.

This is not my first, nor will it be my last book by Kayley Loring! This is a super fun MUST READ and MUST LISTEN!


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