REVIEW: Cheap Trick by Emily Goodwin


Danielle Cross has spent her whole life running from breakups and troubles. She’s never stayed in the same place for long…until now.

The moment she walks through the doors of Logan Dawson’s bar, there’s an attraction between them neither can deny. 

And when Danielle needs a date to her sister’s wedding, Logan is the man for the job. A cheap trick to fool her family is a small price to pay for a weekend in paradise. 

Playing pretend is easy. The hard part? Trying to convince yourself the feelings are only fake.

Someday, I’ll stop lying to myself. When I say I’m going to get my life together, I’m going to actually do it. Someday…just not today.


Cheap Trick deserves an infinite amount of stars, I loved it that much. If you’ve read the previous books in the Dawson Family series, you’ve met the twins, Logan and Owen. This is Logan’s story.

First off, I LOVE Emily’s writing. The way she describes a scene you feel like you are right there with the characters and I know I have said that in other reviews of her books that I’ve done, but it is still true and it is something that I love.

Secondly, Danielle. I have never loved a heroine more than I loved Danielle. She is EXTREMELY relatable, especially for me on a personal level. I instantly connected with her character and that is rare for me when it comes to heroines. She was lost, she didn’t know what she wanted in her life, she didn’t feel like her life was together. Who knew a trip to the local bar at 1 AM on a Thursday could forever change her life? Grandpa was my absolutely favorite, that man was full of wisdom. I highlighted EVERYTHING he said in the prologue because they are good reminders that we all need at times. The growth of Danielle from the start to the end was inspiring and just another thing I loved about her.

Now, Logan. The man is seriously swoon worthy. He was instantly attracted to Danielle. That very first moment he saw her, he was hooked. Of course, when she tells him she doesn’t have plans to stay, everything is temporary he doesn’t pursue anything. Instead they become best friends and coworkers. I loved Logan, he was sweet, supportive, caring, HOT…I could go on and on.

Danielle and Logan together are perfect. Their chemistry is off the charts! I loved their friendship; it was so natural and easy going. There wasn’t any sort of awkwardness between them as they navigated through their fake relationship.  

There were also many great Dawson Family moments throughout the story. I was cracking up whenever Quinn and her love of cats was mentioned, because she is truly the crazy cat lady and it’s hard not to love her for it. Plus, more of Archer, Wes, Scarlet, Dean and unfortunately, Kara (I’m still not a fan of her). I’ve completely fallen in love with this family.

I was completely hooked on this book from the very first word and couldn’t put it down. It had me laughing, swooning, fanning myself, ugly crying and just smiling out of pure joy. Everything about it was perfect from the description of the scenes, the characters and just the flow of the story.

This can be read as a standalone, but I HIGHLY suggest to start from the very beginning so you can fall in love with the Dawson family from the very beginning.

Cheap Trick is a MUST READ and a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED read from me!


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