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REVIEW : Can We Pretend? by Pearl Kharti


God, how it hurts to be human.
I saw him. He saw me. My heart gave up.
“Guess what?” he’d tell me.
“What?” I’d say.
“I’ve got something that’ll make you smile today,” he’d reply.
I fell. Hard.
But he was someone else’s…
Could we pretend otherwise?

God, how it pains to be a mortal.
I saw her. She saw me. My soul awakened.
“Did you know?” she’d tell me.
“What?” I’d say.
“Life’s too short to not laugh,” she’d reply.
I plummeted. Strongly.
But I belonged to someone else…
Could we pretend otherwise?

This book has mentions of sexual assault, suicide, and bullying. If any of the given topics are a trigger to you in any manner of the way, then a consideration is advised.

Vera was light; I was a shadow. She was an unstoppable synergy; I was an aimless projectile.


Pearl Kharti is a new to me author when it comes to reading her stories, however, I’ve been following her on social media for some time now.

Can We Pretend? is not for everyone, this book deals with some tough subjects but they are done in a manner that doesn’t romanticize them. This story not only deals with some tough subjects, but it is a slow burn romance that will have you frustrated with the characters, but everything is worth it in the end.

Vera, she is sweet and I feel for her. She is struggling years later after a traumatic event but she is fighting to overcome everything and despite everything is doing a pretty good job with it all. Wane owners a flower shop, he has everything he could want, well almost everything.

Vera and Wane had an instant connection when they met five years ago and he rescued her. Now that they are coworkers, that connection hasn’t changed, if anything it continues to grow throughout the story. Vera and Wane do not have an easy path when it comes to romance, Wane’s current girlfriend is a major obstacle and it is up to Wane to man up and make the change he desperately needs to make.

Can We Pretend? is the perfect mix of slow burn romance, forbidden love and a workplace romance.