REVIEW : Break the Rules by Roxie Noir


She’s my best friend’s kid sister.
Only she’s not a kid any more.

As a forest ranger, I believe in the simple life. I prefer cabins to apartments, trails to freeways, and trees to people. My life is orderly, predictable, and quiet.

Until it’s hit by a woman I never saw coming — Hurricane June.

She’s fierce. She’s feisty. She has a laugh like the first day of spring, and she’s so pretty that I can’t breathe when I look at her. June will only be in town for a few months — just while job-hunting. She won’t last until winter, but how can I resist?

Except I have to. She’s my best, oldest, and most loyal friend’s baby sister.

Betraying him would be the worst thing I’ve ever done. Not betraying him might be the hardest.

Especially once we start working together on a secret project. All this spending time together, sneaking around at night, and lying to her brother about what we’re doing sure feels like more than friendship.

June might break my heart. Her brother might break my nose.

But I guess some things were made to be broken.

Levi is a mystery wrapped in an enigma stuffed into a create labeled puzzle, and I don’t think he likes me.

my review

I am in love with the Loveless brothers, but here is something about Levi. I have been dying for his book because he is a mystery and I just needed to know more. Break the Rules exceeded all my expectations and then some. Not only am I absolutely in love with Levi, hello book boyfriend material, but I loved June and their story.

I just need to talk about Levi and Silas, who is June’s older brother and Levi’s best friend. Their friendship was different and unique and hands down one of the truest relationships I have ever read. The way they support each other and help each other is beyond anything. Which is why it is so difficult for Levi to be crushing on his best friends little sister.

I loved the chemistry that Levi and June had throughout the story. They were honestly perfect for each other, even when they were fighting their attraction to one another. They bring out different sides to each other in ways that no one else has.

The Loveless sibling banter is also present throughout the story and provides so many much needed laughs. You really can’t help but love this entire family.

Whether you’ve read the previous books or not, Break the Rules is a MUST READ and it’ll have you going back to checking out the previous too books.

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