REVIEW : Bound by Aleatha Romig

With danger lurking around every corner and my life turned upside down, I struggle with who to believe and who to trust. 

Can my heart convince my mind that what was bound long ago is where I’ll find love, safety, and security?

Or are the memories simply an illusion?

“Laurel, I’m not good at this, but I wanted you to know, I never stopped thinking….caring….loving. Even though I thought it wasn’t possible, I still do.”


Bound is the fantastic conclusion to the Tangled Web trilogy. After two books leading to question after question we finally start to get some answers to all those questions.

Bound picks up right where Obsessed left over, so make sure you read the first two books first.

I was completely sucked into this story. There was so much drama, suspense, and excitement throughout this story. I couldn’t put it down, I needed to know who was behind it all, who was after Kader and Laurel.

I completely fell in love with this story and with Kader and Laurel’s past and their present. There was no shortage of chemistry between the two and their love for each other despite all the drama and the danger around them was a major part of why I loved this story.

Of course, in true Aleatha fashion we got a lot of answers and many I didn’t see coming but it also led to more questions. I can’t wait to get lost in in this world again, because it is one crazy tangled web of lies, suspense and secrets.


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