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What happens when the lights go out in the city that never sleeps?

Games of chance, unexpected situations, and hours of sin!

Night Games by T.K. Leigh:
Note to self: Never agree to play an innocent dice game during a blackout in Vegas. I should have known it wouldn’t remain innocent, not in the city of sin.

Dirty Thoughts by C.A. Harms:
He was the crush I never thought I’d see again. Yet here we were in Vegas, during a total blackout. I figure why not explore all the possibilities, or more like let him explore me?

On a scale of one to murder, how’s the bachelorette party?

Let’s put is this way…Most people would consider Ted Bundy a compassionate serial killer compared to my brutality…


Chloe is one of Evie’s best friends from Dating Games. She is on Vegas for a bachelorette party where she runs into a mysterious man several times throughout her time there. There was some sort of a connection between the two, but she didn’t even both to get his name or give him hers because she was going to return home to New York and never see the man again, so she thought.

A cancelled flight and an overbooked redeye causes Chloe and her childhood friend Izzy to spend another night in Vegas, this time in a mansion that Izzy’s former fiancés little brother is house sitting with his college friend. That friend also happens to be the mystery man. So what happens when the lights go out in Vegas? Will things still be the same when the power comes back?

I loved this story. The chemistry between Chloe and Lincoln was scorching. There was an instant connection between the two of them and there was no denying that when they finally gave into it things would be explosive. If there wasn’t already a blackout I would think that they were the cause of it.  I loved going back into the Dating Games world and that we got to learn a little more about Evie’s friend Chloe. This was one quick, steamy and fun read!

I need to ditch these dreams. The feelings I have are just so strong. I am the pathetic girl having a sordid affair with nothing more than my mind. My version of a perfect guy…Levi.


Hallie is in Vegas for a girls trip. Levi is in Vegas to celebrate his brothers bachelor party, so what happens when two former “friends” run into each other after years apart?

I love this story. It was a quick, friends to romance story. Hallie used to tutor Levi in high school and had a massive crush him full of dirty thoughts. Her friends loved to share that fact with Levi. Levi had a girlfriend all throughout high school and most of college and never looked at Hallie in that light, he always just considered her to be friend.

I loved that when they finally met again and recognized each other that they had instant chemistry that was explosive. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other and it didn’t matter who was around. Of course, both their groups of friends were absolutely hilarious. I just wish we got more. I truly wanted more Hallie and Levi and their friends.

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What happens when the lights go out?

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