REVIEW : Black Sheep by Meghan March

Every family has a black sheep. 
In the infamous Casso crime family, that black sheep is me—Cannon Freeman. 
Except I’m not a free man. I’ve never been free. Not since the day I was born. 
I owe my loyalty to my father, Dominic Casso, even if he won’t publicly acknowledge me as his blood. 
I’ve never had a reason to go against his wishes… until I met her. 
Drew Carson turned my world upside when she walked into my club looking for a job. 
Now, my honor and my life are on the line. 
Going against my father’s wishes might buy me a bullet straight from his gun, but black sheep or not, it’s time to make my stand. 
She’s worth the fallout.

“What kind of woman does that make me?” I ask as a shiver works through me.
Cannon yanks one arm and then the other out of this suit jacket. He drapes it over my shoulders. “The kind wars are fought over.”


Black Sheep completely addicting. I devoured this book in one sitting.

Cannon Freeman is the illegitimate son of the head of the Casso crime family, however, he really doesn’t want anything to do with that life. Drew Carson is a woman looking for answers on what really happened to her father.

This story was full of drama, suspense, romance and a TON of secrets. There was an instant connection and undeniable chemistry between Cannon and Drew. Drew wanted to take the man and his family down, but the she couldn’t fight her attraction to him either. Cannon wanted to protect Drew from his father but he also couldn’t fight his attraction to her.

This story is fast paced, it is thrilling and it is HOT. I love Drew, she is slightly crazy for willing to get involved with the Mafia, but a total badass at the same time. She isn’t afraid, she is taking risks despite her true profession. Cannon, well what isn’t there to love about the man? Other you just hope he doesn’t turn out to be like his father, which from what we have know about him he really isn’t and wants nothing to do with his lifestyle.

Holy cliffhanger though! I need the next book like I need air! I can’t wait to see where Cannon and Drew’s story goes and to get answers to all those unanswered questions.  


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