REVIEW : Best of Me by L.K. Farlow

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the dark to my sister’s light—the awkward loner to her social butterfly. Growing up, she had it all: our parent’s unyielding approval, perfect grades, a permanent spot at the popular table, and the attention of the hottest guy ever—Duke Kincaid. 

After eighteen years of living in her shadow, I couldn’t wait to escape—to finally be my own person. Yet here I am, I’m back in my hometown, once again in Valorie’s shadow. Only now, it’s eternal. 

I had life all planned out: join the force, marry Valorie Parsons, and start a family of our own. I have the job, but the girl and all my dreams died before my very eyes.

Finally ready to move on, I agree to a blind date. Imagine my shock when I arrive and find, Valorie’s twin sister, waiting across the table from me. Mallory should be a reminder of all that I’ve lost, but instead she feels like my redemption . . . like maybe life’s giving me a second chance. 

But, how can I be enough for her when I’ve already given her sister the best of me? 

Duke Kincaid is quickly becoming the bane of my existence


I rarely read blurbs for books, but I did for this one and it intrigued me. I couldn’t wait for Duke’s story and this was on emotional ride.

Duke lost his love. He was a shell of a man. Just going through the motions of life. A year after the tragedy that forever changed his life, he runs into the one person he hates, the one person who reminds him most of the loss he experienced. Mallory hasn’t been this close to her home town in years, a place that holds terrible memories. When she runs into Duke, she knows how he feels about her, what she reminds him of. But when the truth finally comes out will that change everything?

Duke and Mallory’s story was forbidden in a sense, but you can’t fight who you love. You can’t fight who makes you feel complete, who makes you feel like you’re living your life again. This story is an emotional slow burn. Their story is broke my heart, but it also mended it back together.

I LOVE THIS BOOK! This review was difficult to write, because it is honestly one book you just need to read for yourself. It is worth a million stars.


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