REVIEW : Best Fake Fiance by Roxie Noir

I told a judge I was engaged to my best friend.
Now we’re faking it.
How hard can it be?

My life has room for exactly two women: my daughter Rusty and my best friend Charlotte — known to everyone as Charlie. 

One is a feisty, tomboyish firecracker. The other is my seven-year-old. I can’t imagine life without either.

So when my ex springs a custody hearing on me, I find myself telling the judge that I’m engaged to Charlie.

The only problem? I’m not. 

Time to fake an engagement.

Pretending we’re a couple will be no big deal.

We’ve been friends for years. We used to sneak cigarettes behind the bleachers. We turned cans of hairspray into flamethrowers. We got drunk on stolen malt liquor. 

She’s beautiful, vivacious, spontaneous, and she loves my daughter to death. It’s the perfect answer: we fake it for a few months, then go back to our lives.

Until we touch, and sparks fly. Until I can’t take my eyes off her. Until I can’t stop thinking about what she’s got on under her coveralls.

It takes one kiss. 
One touch. 
One shared secret and suddenly, I’m not pretending anymore. I want her, I need her in ways I didn’t know I could.

But there’s a lifetime of friendship between us, and falling in love with Charlie could risk everything.

“The Naked Daniel Experience sounds like a band,” she says. “They’d play psychedelic rock and they wouldn’t be very good.”


Best Fake Fiancé is a fun single father/fake engagement/best friends to lovers romance. Daniel Loveless is an overprotective father who would do anything to keep his daughter, so when his baby mama threatens to get full custody the first thing he thinks of is to tell the judge he is engaged. Not just engaged, but to his best friend.

I loved Daniel and Charlie’s relationship. These two were best friends who literally did everything together, spent a lot of their free time together, but they never crossed the friendship line. Charlie would do anything to help her best friend and his seven year old daughter. These two also had great chemistry and having the background of friendship definitely helped their relationship.

Rusty, sweet Rusty. That little girl stole the show. She was super sweet, smart, caring and I just loved her. The love Daniel has for his daughter is beautiful, but sometimes he can be little too protective of her and it definitely shows a few times throughout the story. I love how much Charlie cares for her as well. She is truly the mother figure in her life and it was sweet.

This book was super enjoyable and I loved not only Daniel, Charlie and Rusty but the entire Loveless family plus Charlie’s sister. They added a lot to the story and I love how supportive they are of one another.

Best Fake Fiancé is a MUST READ and I can’t wait for more of the Loveless family in the future.


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