REVIEW : Bergen Brothers: The Complete Series by Krista Sandor


The Complete Bergen Brothers Series (Books 1-3) + An Exclusive BONUS Short Story only found here! Happily Ever Afters are Guaranteed!

Brennen, Jasper, and Camden Bergen aren’t your average brothers.

Heirs to a billion-dollar mountain sports empire, these smoking-hot siblings are each about to meet their match when it comes to the game of love.


Three Full-length Books + A BONUS Short Story—Only Available Here!

Three Chances to Laugh, Sigh, and Swoon.

Three Happily Ever Afters with Mountains, Money, and all the Romance.

One Exclusive BONUS Short Story: Elle and Jasper’s Adventure



A Man Fast is the complete abstinence of all things male. 

No dating. No boyfriend. 

And no creep to break your heart. 

Too bad the city’s biggest player sees it as a challenge.


A man feast is what happens when two workaholics agree to a no-strings fling. But this fire and ice couple who clash at every turn soon come to learn that there’s a fine line between love and hate.


A man find is a great guy you found online. 

The problem…you can’t find him in real life. 

Or can you?


A Bergen Brothers Bonus Short Story featuring all the characters you love—and a Bergen-licious adventure for two of your favorites!

The man fast, the man feast, and the man find had each ended with a happily ever after not even she, a New York Times bestselling author, could have predicted.


Man Fast:

I love Krista’s writing and Man Fast made me love it even more. I instantly fell in love with this book the moment I started.

Abby Quinn has had it with men, so she goes on a 74 day Man Fast. Of course, the moment she starts she meets a rather tempting man, Brennen Bergen. Abby is such a loveable and relatable character. She had some sass to her and she really wants to do everything for herself and she wants to find out who she is.

Brennen is a playboy. He’s all over the internet. However, there is much more to the man than what the public knows. Despite his playboy ways, you can’t help but love the man. Especially, with how hard he works to prove himself to Abby. Seriously, I was swooning so hard when it came to a certain non-date, who wouldn’t want to experience that!?!

I LOVED their relationship. I loved how sweet Bren was with Abby and her students. This book was full of sweet moments, but also there was plenty of steamy moments between Abby and Brennen.

I’m completely HOOKED on this series just after one book! I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the Bergen brothers.

Man Feast:

Jasper Bergen, control freak CEO and the eldest of the Bergen brothers. Elle Reynolds, famous travel writer and just goes with the flow. Two complete opposites, but their chemistry is EXPLOSIVE!

They can’t stand each other but Jasper’s brother, Brennan, and Elle’s cousin, Abby, are getting married so they are forced to spend time together, not to mention the fact that Elle is going to work for Bergen Enterprises. Will Elle be able to crack the hollow bunny? Will they listen to their friends and family and have a Man Feast?

I absolutely LOVED Elle and Jasper! Their chemistry was fantastic, the banter between them was hilarious and so perfect. Of course, there was so much more to this story besides the banter. It was HOT, it was sweet and it was emotional.

Krista has a way with words the completely sucks you into the story and makes you completely fall in love with the characters, the story and the scenery. Man Feast is a another MUST READ!

Man Find:

Trying to decide which Bergen Brother is your favorite is like trying to decide who your favorite child is, your favorite sibling or your favorite niece and nephew. You just can’t choose. I love Bren, I love Jasper, but there was just something about the mystery and the lack of information about Camden that made me know I would love him. Krista does not disappoint with Man Find. Camden and Cadence’s story is addictingly beautiful from the very first page.

An online forum led Mountain Mac to go on a mission back to Colorado, back to the place he ran from a decade ago, because he knew he needed to find his Mountain Daisy. But will the pain of being back in the one place where his entire world changed be too much for this Mountain Mac to be the man his Mountain Daisy deserves?

This book had me laughing (hello, squirrels), it had me swooning and it had me in tears. It was beautifully written and just a beautiful story about second chances. The chemistry between Camden and Cadence was effortless and so real. The bond between Camden and Bodhi was fantastic. I seriously, love Bodhi and his sweetness.

Of course, there is plenty of the whole Bergen crew we have all grown to know and love. And maybe a little surprise visit from a certain strudel. 

If you haven’t met the Bergen Brother’s now is the chance. This book and this series are MUST READS!

Elle & Jasper’s Adventure:

I love this series and this little short story was perfect! Jasper as a father is absolutely priceless. He is over the top and it was everything I would have expected from him. Jasper and Elle’s adventure definitely doesn’t go as planned.  They want time away from the kids. Jasper, being the control freak he is, takes over Elle’s plans and goes with his own. However, things don’t work out like he planned, however, Elle doesn’t know that and just rolls with it. Including dancing at a Biker bar. This was sweet and hilarious from the start.

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