I was kidnapped on my honeymoon by three masked men.

Destination unknown.

I was told to stay silent and abide by their rules. But they didn’t realize I wasn’t a victim…not anymore.

The open sea was my backdrop for nine torturous days. During that time, glimmers of my fate were revealed by a man with the mysterious chartreuse-colored eyes. He should have scared me, but he didn’t.

He intrigued me. And I intrigued him.

He punished me when I didn’t listen, which was every single day. But beneath his cruelty, I sensed he was guarding a grave secret.

I was sold. 
And in a game of poker, no less. 

My buyer? A Russian mobster who likes to collect pretty things. Now that I know the truth, I only have one choice.

Sink or swim.

And when one fateful night presents me the opportunity, I take it. I just never anticipated my actions would leave me shipwrecked with my kidnapper.

He needs me alive. I want him dead.

But as days turn into weeks, one thing becomes clear—I should hate him…but I don’t.

My name is Willow.
His name is Saint.

Ironic, isn’t it? He bears a name that denotes nothing but holiness yet delivers nothing but hell. However, if this is hell on earth…God, save my soul.

He is dark and brooding and most definitely not one of the good guys, so why does he continue doing virtuous things? Yes, he’s a downright asshole most of the time, but when he’s not, he’s something…else.


This story BLEW MY MIND. It was dark, it was twisted, it was steamy, it was full of hope. I was completely hooked from the very first word.

Willow is a fighter, she is a survivor and she is one badass female. Saint, oh Saint, I truly hated to love him so much. He is a man just trying to survive. He is just doing his job and Willow is the means to an end for him. She is the light at the end of his tunnel. Unfortunately, that tunnel was follow of a lot of detours and struggles. Willow did not make it easy for him.

My heart broke for Willow’s past, but I loved that she didn’t let it hold her back in life. She used to become stronger. My heart also broke for Saint after learning why he is part of Willow’s kidnapping, it was really hard to dislike him after that, not that I ever truly disliked the man.

Monica really took you on a wild ride with this story from the kidnapping, to being shipwrecked on a deserted island, to one hell of a cliffhanger ending. I can’t wait until the second book comes out and to be back in this sick and twisted world.

This story is one of my favorite books of 2019 and a MUST READ for any fan of dark romances.


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