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REVIEW: Admission by K.D. Clark


Jayce and Sabrina’s new relationship is put to the test as they navigate the world of adulthood and both try to find their place in the big city. 

She wasn’t sure what to say. This handsome man before her had given her everything she hasn’t known she’d wanted on a silver platter.


I’ve been waiting for the second book in Jayce and Sabrina’s duet since I finished the first book, Apprehension. This story does not disappoint and their relationship together continues in the Big Apple.

This story was filled with a little more drama and suspense compared to the first, but that is expected given Jayce’s increasing involvement with the Mafia. Despite, his dangerous lifestyle he did everything he could to make sure Sabrina remained safe and was happy.

Their chemistry was amazing in book 1 and continued to grow throughout this story. I loved their relationship so much more in this book. Jayce has the tough guy act, but he is super sweet and loving when it comes to his girl. I love that Sabrina really didn’t know what she wanted in her life and watching her discover more about herself and what she wants was inspiring.

This was a shorter story and a fairly quick read but it was packed full of steamy, romance, and suspense. Jayce and Sabrina’s duet is a MUST READ.