REVIEW : Academic Integrity by AJ Alexander & Rebecca Gallo


She was only supposed to be a summer fling, so why is the woman I thought I’d never see again barging into my classroom?

Meghan’s been telling lies but she wants a second chance.

I’ll give it to her but first she needs to learn a lesson. One I’m more than happy to teach her.

So what if I’m risking my academic integrity.

She’s worth it. Especially when she’s on her knees calling me daddy.

The man is academic sex on a stick.


I absolutely LOVED this book. Yes, it is STEAMY but also there is some emotion to the story. Julian and Meghan’s relationship will draw you in and take you on one wild ride.

Julian is a British professor who came to the US in search of the woman he met while she was visiting over the summer. Meghan is about to graduate university, however, she needs one more credit and becomes a TA for a professor….a professor she spent the summer with. I LOVED the chemistry these two characters have. It was literally exploding off the pages. I couldn’t get enough of it. They both knew the risks, but they couldn’t keep away from each other.

I loved the fact that this wasn’t just a super steamy professor/student romance. There was an actual story, a true connection and the growth in the relationship between Julian and Meghan throughout the story was great. They experience the ups and downs of any real relationship and Julian is willing to listen to Meghan. He is also insanely supportive and protective of her and Meghan is the same when it comes to Julian.

I didn’t want this story to end. I could have kept reading these characters forever and I truly hope there is a little more of them in the second book of this series.

If you love a steamy professor/student romance with some emotion Academic Integrity is a MUST READ for you!


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