REVIEW : Academic Dishonesty by AJ Alexander & Rebecca Gallo


I’ve been saving myself for the right man.
And my new math professor, Dr. Samuel Jacobs, is the one.

I don’t care about the rules we’re breaking.
I’m used to getting my way and I’ll do anything to have him.
Even call him daddy.

But after one night, I still haven’t learned my lesson.

Dear Reader:
Samuel is the perfect equation. Can you do the math? Brains + Braun = the total package. Will this be on the test? Definitely.
We hope you studied.
Love, AJ + Rebecca

Most girls imagine the perfect place for their first time. Roses and dim lighting with the love of their life. Me? I could care less about romance.


Move over Julian, you have been replaced by Samuel! I loved Samuel and Avery’s story from the moment it started.

Avery met her perfect man at 18, a man she could never forget and the man she compared everyone else, too. Samuel, doesn’t remember meeting Avery years ago, but he is drawn to her now, even though she is one of his students. I LOVED how much chemistry these two had. It was so hot I thought my kindle was going to melt.

There is a lot of cat and mouse between them, which was entertaining and even though they weren’t “together” throughout a chunk of the story I loved Samuel’s protective side when it came to Avery. You could feel how much he cared, how he wanted the best for her, that he would do anything to keep her safe.

I loved the little bit of crossover scenes from Academic Integrity, but even if you haven’t read the first book you can still enjoy this one! It was just nice to get certain scenes involving Julian and Samuel from Samuel’s POV.

Another amazing professor/student romance with some emotions and another MUST READ!


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