As a hitman for hire, Percivale is no stranger to violence. 
From the moment he saw Blossom Jaymes through the window of her bakery, he knew he was in too deep. Not only was she as sweet as her perfectly crafted treats, but she was a soft-spoken, golden-haired angel that shone like a bright beacon in his dark world. And Percivale didn’t deal in angels. He dealt in death and crime. The even bigger issue? Percivale’s next hit is on said sweet little baker who doesn’t seem to realize how much danger lurks around her with each passing day. 
If he doesn’t get the job done, who will? 

When Percivale has to decide what’s more important to him—the life of a woman who may very well be innocent or getting his revenge on the men who murdered his family—the lines become blurred. Morals are twisted and a deathly chase ensues that can only result in one thing—Blossom buried six feet under. 

Or can it? 

Can Percivale let his lust for revenge go in order to save Blossom from the bounty on her head, or will the power she unknowingly holds over him be what gets her killed? 

Let me tell you something, sweetheart. That love you’re so desperately searching for? You ain’t gonna find it with me. My love is cruel–deadly.


This story was dark, twisted and unconventional. I couldn’t put it down. Percivale and Blossom’s story was not the norm. She was just suppose to be a job, but Perc was drawn to her, there was something about her that made him want to know her, to draw out the darkness he knew what buried deep within her.

Percivale, that man is dark, dirty and the ultimate bad boy. Who could blame Blossom for being so attracted to him. He knew he wasn’t the man for her, too. He knew that Blossom deserved someone better than him, someone who wasn’t a hitman and didn’t have a mission for revenge. I loved watching their relationship change from a job, to captor/hostage, to something more. I love that this isn’t a conventional romance and how they both had to fight for their lives and decide if sacrificing themselves is worth it, especially if it means the other person can have the life and the happiness they deserve.

I’ve recently discovered S.M. Soto and she can seriously write some dark books and I love each and every single one of them. There is just something about her writing that draws me in and I instantly fall in love with the story and the characters.

A Cruel Love was dark, violent, full of heat (and I mean this book should come with a warning label), full of action, suspense and drama.

If you are a fan of dark romances, mafia romances or really anything I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book.


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