REVIEW : 25 Reasons to Hate Christmas and Cowboys by Elle Thorpe


Reason 17 – The year Nana drank too much eggnog and threw up in my Gucci’s.

Isabel hates Christmas. She’s got a Christmas disaster for each of her 25 years. When her boss sends her from the sun-kissed beaches of Australia to snowy small-town Wyoming, it’s just another thing to add to her ‘do not like’ list. Snow sucks. Christmas sucks. And cowboys suck most of all.

Except maybe for one…

Reason 21 – The year my workplace secret Santa bought me tampons. From the bathroom vending machine.

Johnny loves Christmas. And it only gets better when he lays eyes on a grinchy brunette with the cutest accent around. She might only be in town for a few weeks, but he’s never been one to back down from a challenge. He’s going to right every wrong on her list to make her fall in love with Christmas.

And with him.

Reason 25 – The year I fell for a sexy cowboy. Who lives on the other side of the world. What the hell do I do now?

“So what’s so great about this Isabel?” I grinned. “Everything.” And then I laughed. “Well, everything expect that she hates Christmas.”

my review

Cowboys and Christmas?! You can’t go wrong with that. 25 Reasons to Hate Christmas and Cowboys is a steamy, hilarious, and sweet holiday romance. This book will warm you up on those chilly winter nights and make you fall in love with Christmas and the cowboy.

Isabel is in Wyoming setting up Christmas displays for a department store when Johnny see’s her and is instantly attracted to her. However, she is just visiting from her home country of Australia and really wants nothing to do with him. I loved how determined Johnny is at pursuing Isabel knowing it is only temporary and trying to get her to fall in love with Christmas again.

This story was super sweet, it was steamy and you can’t help but fall in love with both Johnny and Isabel, plus I loved Isabel’s roommate back in Australia. She was hilarious! This isn’t just a must read for the Holiday’s but one I’d read any time of the year!

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