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REVIEW ➼ Written in the Stars by Leaona Luxx


A love of a lifetime is hard to come by these days. We all chase that ever-elusive happily-ever-after.

But when that love is written in the stars, you’ll find yourself falling faster than a comet from the sky.

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be just one day—love should be celebrated forever and always.

No simple roses or violets will do; my special someone deserves the stars and the moon, too.

*A compilation of love letters from my alphas to the loves of their lives. 

“To One, the smartest man among us. May we strive to be like him, the evil genius he is.”


Written in the Stars is a super sweet novella. You can’t go wrong with a collection of love letters from all of Leaona’s alpha males to the women they love.

From the moment I started reading this novella I knew it would be something special. These guys and their crazy ideas. They are so sweet and romantic. Each letter in this story is super sweet, romantic and so fitting for each couple. Plus, a little sneak of what is to come from Leaona.

If you haven’t read any of her books this is a PERFECT introduction to all her men and the women that captured their hearts.

Written in the Stars is a super sweet, romantic and beautiful Valentine’s Day novella and a great introduction to all of Leaona’s alphas.