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REVIEW ➼ Worth the Whisk by Melissa Williams


I got a snake you can drain.
I hear you’re good at laying pipe.
I’ve got some nuts you can tighten.

Oh, you know a phallic pipe joke? Cool. I’ve heard them all. Trust me, they don’t make me blush anymore.

As the only female plumber in the family business and the newest member of an all-male construction crew, I’ve developed a thick skin. Usually I’m ready for anything.

Doing my cousin a favor, I take a late-night plumbing call thinking it’ll be an easy fix. What I’m not prepared for is to be mistaken for a homeless man or to find a soaking wet hunk glaring at me.

I have to work fast not only to fix his perception of me, but also the burst pipe that is flooding the Bake, Rattle & Roll bakery.

Working around pastry chef Harrison Daniels throws a wrench in my plans. I’m going to have to use every tool in my arsenal to resist falling for him and his sweet, tempting words.

He’s out to prove he’s worth the risk and I’m starting to agree.

Maybe 3 a.m. plumbing emergencies weren’t that bad when they came with a view like Harrison.


First off, I can’t get over this cover! I am OBSESSED with it! It’s so fun! Okay, the story though….I LOVED IT! I previously read Donut Disturb and this had that some vibe.

Harrison is a bakery owner and well, the man can bake! August is a plumber and isn’t afraid to get a little dirty. I loved the role reversal in this story. Typically, you’d find the heroine as the baker and the hero as the plumber, but not with Melissa’s story.

From the moment Harrison and August met there was chemistry, which quickly grew stronger. The banter between Harrison and August is great and so funny at times. Harrison is sweet and determined to get August to fall for him. He doesn’t hold back at all.

While a majority of this story is sweet, light and fun there is a little drama that Harrison and August go through and it was definitely needed in the story.

My favorite part? The baking puns! I couldn’t get enough of them. I LOVE puns and this story was full of them.

Worth the Whisk is a super fun, sweet, hilarious MUST READ!