REVIEW ➼ Wicked Embrace by Olivia Boothe



I wanted one thing—to never fall in love again. But the universe had other plans. One look into Tom Wright’s olive-green eyes, and I free-fell crazy in love with the one man destined to break my heart. I know, because I’ve yet to learn my lesson. The past never dies, and mine is ready to rear its ugly head. Question is, will I be strong enough to survive the fallout?

She wasn’t supposed to happen. I’d vowed to never let anyone in, but with one curve of her lips, Sara Hart bulldozed through my heart. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, yet scared as hell of how much I love her. Despite my best intentions, I haven’t been one-hundred percent honest. My biggest torment still lurks within, threatening to unwind the strings holding us together. And if I lose her now, it might as well be the end of me 

I felt safe in his arms, and I knew at that moment there was no doubt Tom was the man I was meant to be with.


I have been waiting for this book from the moment I finished book one, Wicked Dance, around a year ago and let me tell you this was 1000% worth the wait. The conclusion to Sara and Tom’s story wasn’t an easy one. It was emotional, heartbreaking and truly beautiful.

Sara and Tom both have been burned by past relationships; they are both dealing with things of their pasts, things that can hurt their future and do pose a major risk. I love the chemistry between the two of them. Tom is super alpha and Sara loves it. Seriously, there are some kindle melting scenes between the two of them throughout this story. They love each other, they are supportive of each other, however, there are definitely moments where the past gets the better of both of them. A few of those parts had me yelling at my kindle. I was rooting for these two from the very beginning. They deserve happiness, they deserve each other, even more so after some of the events in this story.

I loved the secondary characters in the first book, mostly Jake (Tom’s friend and business partner) and Jen (Sara’s friend and roommate) and in book two they both played some major roles into the story and roles that I was not expecting. There were both great additions to the story, even if they did frustrate me at times.

Wicked Embrace is a contemporary romance, however, there is some suspense sprinkled in which I loved. It kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting more. Olivia Boothe has a talent for captivating you with her words and completely sucking you into the story. This book and the entire series were beautifully written.

If you’re looking for an emotional, beautifully written, suspenseful, steamy, contemporary romance with two broken characters who find each other then you’ll definitely want to check out the Chronicles of a Dancing Heart duet! A MUST READ from me!


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