REVIEW ➼ The Other Man by Nicole French


Former Marine. Criminal prosecutor.
I was one of the good guys. Until I met her.

With beauty like a rose and a mind as sharp as thorns,
Nina Gardner went from dalliance to obsession in a single night.
I’d stop at nothing to find her again, to make her mine.

Then I find out:
She’s the daughter of a New York dynasty.
Property of the scum of the earth.

And the subject of my next investigation is…her husband.
Which makes me the other man.

Well, I don’t think I can live with that.
Because now, I don’t think I can live without her.

Two weeks ago, Nina Astor and I met by chance. But come next morning, Cinderella disappeared into thin air. What did that make me, the prince?


I have been dying for more of Matthew and Nina since reading The Scarlet Night. That little novella caught me hook, line and sinker. The Other Man is the first book in their story and it was brilliant, beautiful and completely addicting.

It is hard not to love Matthew. He’s hardworking, determined and the man knows what he wants and he isn’t afraid to go after it. Plus, the man is super protective. He’s the only man in his family and the way he looks after his sisters is great. I love the sense of family he has when it comes to them, his nieces and nephews and his nonna. Nina may be married, have a family, come from wealth, but there is no hiding the fact she is lonely. Matthew brings out a different side of her and Nina brings out a different side in Matthew. They are two halves that make a whole. However, their “relationship” isn’t easy and at this point I don’t think it ever will be. There is an insane amount of chemistry between them, seriously, when they are together things are explosive!

The Other Man is full of secrets, twists, turns, suspense, drama and HEAT. Once you start it you won’t be able to stop. I can’t wait to see what is in store for them in book 2 of the series. This one is a MUST READ for me!


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