REVIEW ➼ The Hookup Equation by Roxie Noir


Teach me everything.

My whole life, I’ve been a good girl. I follow rules like nobody’s business. I obey guidelines like I was born to it. Show me a line, and I’ll toe it.

I’m even a twenty-two-year-old virgin. Good is my middle name.

And then, I break one tiny little rule. Miniscule. Inconsequential.

Next thing I know, I’m trapped with an incredibly handsome stranger. He’s got eyes like cut emeralds, biceps that makes my head spin, and a smile that has me rethinking all my life choices.

We escape a bar bathroom together. We go on an impromptu date. We share the hottest kiss I’ve ever had, one that leaves me panting for more. We promise to see each other again.

Turns out, we see each other the next morning.

In my calculus class.

Which he’s teaching.

My handsome, sexy date is Professor Loveless, and we’ll be seeing each other plenty. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all semester.

There’s no choice but to call it off. We both have too much at stake: I could lose my scholarship, and he could lose his entire career.

But I can’t call off the way I feel.

I can’t call off the way he looks when he rolls up his sleeves and explains imaginary numbers.

I can’t call off the heated glances, or the way our hands touch when I hand in my homework, or the memory of his body pressing against mine that night.

I’m a virgin.

He’s my professor.

And if we give in, it could cost us both everything.

But I’m so tired of being a good girl.

We kiss. We kiss and time passes, the world spins, and I’ve got no sense of it. Could be seconds, could be hours. I don’t know.


Caleb Loveless may be my favorite brother and The Hookup Equation may be my favorite book of this series. I loved everything about this book from the cover, to the characters, to the story.

Caleb and Thalia had an instant connection. They were both drawn to each other from the moment they met. They had a perfect night and a night they both hoped would lead to more. That is until Caleb discovers Thalia is his student. That connection they felt instantly becomes forbidden. It isn’t something they should continue; however, you can only fight the pull for so long.

I loved Caleb and Thalia so much. From their insane chemistry to their loved of lists, charts and just being organized. However, they come from different backgrounds. Caleb is the youngest of his family and he has grown to deal with being the baby, but also having the support of his older brothers. Thalia is from a strict Catholic family, she is the definition of a good girl….that is until Caleb.

Despite the risks, these two couldn’t stay away. They took the chance on each other and on their relationship. There is heat and many sweet moments throughout the story and plenty of the Loveless family.

The Hookup Equation is a MUST READ story will captivate you from the very start and will touch your heart.  


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