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REVIEW ➼ That Secret Crush by Meghan Quinn


What happens when your secret crush isn’t so secret anymore?

I’ve had feelings for Eve Roberts for as long as I can remember, but because she also happens to be the twin sister of my best friend, Eric, I’ve never acted on my feelings and long ago resigned myself to keeping my crush under wraps.

But after a terrible falling-out with Eric involving a failed restaurant venture and plenty of blame on both sides, I’m back in Port Snow without my best friend and without any direction. But can you guess who’s here? Eve. And my attraction to her is as strong as ever.

As old feelings rush back, Eve and I find ourselves pulled together, whether we like it or not. Lines are crossed, secrets are kept, and we soon discover that the difference between love and friendship may not be so black and white, after all.

Everyone wants that secret crush to love them back…but will I be ready when she does?

“I don’t have a crush on Reid. He’s one of my good friends. And yeah, he’s hot ; I would be stupid to say he isn’t, but we’re just friends.”


That Secret Crush is the third book in the Getting Lucky series by Meghan Quinn and I couldn’t wait to jump into this and head back to Port Snow and back to the Knightly family.

Reid is back in Port Snow after a bad experience took his dream away. He lost all his inspiration to cook, to do anything he used to love. He lost the tight bond he had with his best friend, Eric. He felt like a failure compared to his brothers. Eve, who also happens to be Eric’s twin sister, lost her dream. She put her life on hold but despite everything has worked hard to make a come back and she is finally at the finish line.

Reid and Eve have been friends since they were kids. However, they each harbored a secret crush towards the other. I loved the easy-going aspect of their friendship and the banter between the two of them was hilarious at times. Eve can handle the innuendos that Reid throws at her on a regular basis and even through some back. These two had TONS of chemistry and their relationship easily transitioned from friends to lovers.

I love the bond the Knightly family has. They are insanely close and so supportive of each other, even Eve since she has been around for years and years. They bring out the best in each other, they will do anything and everything they can to help each other out.

I can’t wait to see what is in store for the youngest Knightly brother, Brigs!