REVIEW ➼ Stirred by Charity Ferrell


I don’t want him.
I can’t do this.
That’s what my ex said after our son was born, leaving me a single dad.

These days, my world consists of two things: Noah and my bar.
Until her—the woman I want—but can never have.
My ex’s sister wasn’t supposed to be stirred into the mix.

Even though I try to push her away, my son falls in love with her.
As much as I want to keep my distance, I can’t break his heart.

Lines become blurred, and fighting our attraction becomes nearly impossible.
Even though we know it’s wrong, desire doesn’t always fade away.
As soon as we cross that line, nothing will be the same and everything will fall apart. And it does.

Twisted Fox doesn’t only deliver in drinks and bar food ; it also always delivers in hot-as-hell eye candy.


Stirred is the first book of an all new series. Though, Cohen and the Twisted Fox crew have made little appearances in the Blue Beech series.  

Cohen is the owner of the Twisted Fox and he is also a single father. He works hard so his son, Noah, can have the life he didn’t. His sister, Georgia, and his friends are supportive and help Cohen. Jamie is an ER doctor, she was always the geeky type and worked hard in school. Her older sister, Heather, just so happens to be Cohen’s ex and Noah’s mother.

There is some forbiddenness when it comes to Cohen and Jamie’s relationship. She is Noah’s aunt, though he doesn’t know it, and she is the younger sister of Cohen’s ex-girlfriend. However, these two had some chemistry, though they both denied it for a while. Jamie starting coming around more, she formed a great relationship with Noah and Cohen’s sister, Georgia.

Jamie and Cohen’s relationship was full of ups and downs. They both struggled with their connection to each other throughout the story, but they can only deny each other for so long. With Noah being involved neither of them wanted to hurt him, because while he didn’t know the truth, he fell in love with Jamie just like his father.

I completely fell in love with Cohen, Jamie and especially, Noah. I loved their bond to each other. I can’t wait to see more of them, plus get some more details on some of their others in their group….*cough cough* G & A (I’m sure I’m not the only one dying to know more!).

If you love single dad romances, with a hint of forbidden romance, with a great group of secondary characters this one is for you and a MUST READ!


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