REVIEW ➼ Southern Storm by Natasha Madison


Buried secrets never stay hidden in the South.

I’m the one who broke up the golden couple. The woman people still whisper about, point at, and give dirty looks to.

Did I sleep with the prom king? No. Did I sleep with the town’s golden boy on vacation from college? Yes.

Did I believe that he was going to marry me? Wholeheartedly.

Did he? Not even close. He got engaged right in front of me and then his father threw two hundred dollars at me and told me to take the trash out.

So, I raised my son in a town where people love him because they think that his father is the sheriff.

It was going great, everything was working out till my lie got out.


I was getting ready to take over the mayoral office from my father, who was my hero.

Until I heard the secret he hoped would stay buried forever.

My brother has a son, not just any son but a son with the woman who was my best friend.

The woman I secretly have loved from the moment she stood up to me and broke my nose in kindergarten.

I need to protect her and in order to do that, we need to get married.
Too bad her nightmare is my dream come true.

He was the prince in every Disney movie. He was everything, but he looked at me like he always did – as a friend.


I knew going into Savannah and Beau’s book I knew this one would be emotional and a wild ride. If you’ve read the previous two books of this series you know some of their history. Southern Storm picks up right where everything was left at the end of book two.

Savannah is the black sheep of the town. She doesn’t have the best reputation. Her family life wasn’t the best growing up. I wasn’t a big fan of her based on what information was given in the previous books, however, I felt for her. She struggled. She rose above what everything thought of her and did well for herself and for her son. Beau is now the mayor. He is Savannah’s best friend and really one of her only friends. She’s the girl who he’s crushed on since they were kids, but never could tell her how he really felt.

Savannah and Beau have loads of chemistry. I loved their friendship. You can tell how much Beau loves and cares for not only Savannah, but also for Ethan. He proved numerous times that he would do anything to protect them. Savannah has crushed on Beau forever, but she didn’t think they could ever be anything more than friends. Their relationship wasn’t always the best, but they kept going and came out stronger.

I didn’t think I’d like Savannah, but by the end I did. I loved Beau even more than I did before. Though, like the previous books this one ends with a little truth bomb being dropped and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Southern Storm was full of twists, turns, romance, love, and truth. This one is a MUST READ!


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