REVIEW ➼ Sexy Dirty Cowboy by Elle Thorpe


Rem ‘Viper’ James knew his secrets wouldn’t stay buried forever. He just never expected to be arrested in front of 20,000 screaming rodeo fans. Dragged into an interrogation room, Rem is given an ultimatum: testify against his old motorcycle club or face another stint in a cell.

There’s only one answer when going back inside means leaving in a body bag.

Whitney Nicholson was left humiliated after her boyfriend’s secret life was exposed. After all, as a police detective, she should have seen it coming. So it’s salt in the wound when Whitney’s boss sends her to babysit an ex-MC member, who’s been masquerading as a cowboy on the rodeo circuit.

To add insult to injury, they’re going into hiding in a tiny country town. As a married couple.

Whitney has no interest in a relationship: pretend or otherwise. But as small-town life begins to grow on her, so does Rem. There’s something sexy, dirty, and oh so hot about the man whose life she’s supposed to protect.

However, when mysterious and disturbing crimes begin occurring around them, Whitney will need to decide if her cowboy is worth risking not only her heart, but also her life.

“You’re a nightmare.”

“And by nightmare, you mean dream come true?”


To say I was excited to read this book is an understatement. If you’ve been following the series since book one you may remember that not so little cliffhanger at the end of book two….now we FINALLY get to find out what happened!

Rem is a bull fighter, a former motorcycle club member and one hell of a man. His past has finally caught up to him and now he has to prove his innocence. Whitney is a cop and a pretty awesome one. She is fresh of a messy break up and forced to protect Rem. So what happens when the person you have been tasked to protect is too tempting to resist?

I LOVED Rem and Whitney. These two had chemistry from the start. Rem knew what he wanted and he definitely was all in when it came to getting Whitney to cave. Whitney could only resist the temptation for so long before giving in. Their relationship progressed fairly quick, but given the circumstances they were in it was fitting.

Sexy Dirty Cowboy is a hot, forbidden, suspenseful, MUST READ romance and you’ll always want to snag a copy of the bonus epilogue at the end! You’ll be wondering what happened, too!


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