REVIEW ➼ Saddler’s Surprise by Nicole Rodrigues


Gwendolyn James

The Georgia peach that’s man hating on what was supposed to be her bachelorette weekend, is the perfect solution for me. When your soon to be wife is caught in a compromising position with one of your employees, what’s a man to do? Fire her, fire him and take that honeymoon to Aruba by yourself. Cue Gwenny and our broken hearts, using paradise to soothe the pain, on the most unforgettable weekend of my life. Turns out I couldn’t forget it even if I tried. What happens in Aruba doesn’t always stay in Aruba.

Elijah Saddler

The man I didn’t plan for. My “bachelorette weekend” was supposed to consist of me drinking away my sorrows, hating anything with a penis, but sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. In walks suave and sexy and swept off my feet I go. Our hot weekend on the happiest island in the world left me a lifetime souvenir.

We come from two separate worlds but can we build a bridge, and make this new dynamic work, or are we doomed for it to burn to the ground? 

I believe that somewhere out there my soulmate is waiting for me and I”ll be dammed if someone tries to tell me that those books give us unrealistic expectations because they fuckin’ don’t!


I have been waiting for Elijah’s story and he was 100% worth the wait! Saddler’s Surprise is hands down my favorite book of this series. I love Elijah and Gwen, but it was Mamaw and Sadie who completely stole my heart.

I am SO GLAD Elijah is free of his evil ex! I am with the rest of the Saddler family and not a fan. However, Elijah still has a honeymoon trip booked, so why not take a little time off in paradise? Gwen is visiting Aruba for her “bachelorette weekend”, what she doesn’t expect is meeting a man who completely shakes up her world. I LOVED these two from the very start. They bring out different sides to each other and they balance each other out perfectly. Their chemistry is on fire from the very first moment they met.

Elijah wants want his siblings have, a family, but he also is also afraid. He never expected to see Gwen again, but now she is in Arizona and we a new sweet bundle of joy. Sweet baby Sadie. CEO Elijah is HOT, Daddy Elijah is even HOTTER! Seriously, he is so loving and caring and protective over his baby girl from the moment he laid eyes on her. I loved the little family that formed and grew throughout the course of this story.

I hated Gwen’s parents. They were pieces of work, but her sweet Mamaw is the most adorable and sneaky person ever. I couldn’t get enough of her!

Saddler’s Surprise is a MUST READ and I can’t wait to see what is up next for the Saddler family.


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