REVIEW ➼ Saddler’s Scandal by Nicole Rodrigues


Andre Demarco.

Franklin High’s newest Biology teacher. Good news; he’s beautiful to look at. Bad news; he’s my new co-teacher. Try talking about the birds and the bees to a class full of fifteen year olds without picturing your co-teacher giving you that chat with a little less clothing and a lot more demonstration. Really bad news; he’s the “Andrea” that has answered my seeking roommate ad. Avoiding him in school was impossible, but avoiding him when he walks down the hall to his room in only a towel? Not happening. Really, really bad news; he was my one night stand last month. Not thinking about his anatomy after having it in mine–Hopeless.
Dakota Saddler.

Also known as Dax. Apparently, that’s a woman’s name because when I walk into the apartment I’m renting a room in, she’s there–in her bra and panties–causing a familiar tug at my southern region. Icing on the cake; I get to teach alongside her all day long at work. Piss on my Cheerios; there’s a no fraternization policy at Franklin High. When the woman says the word “penis” in front of our class, I’m done for. When the fog clears, I realize I’ve heard that word drip from her lips before; begging for mine from underneath me last month. Shit. I need a lesson on following the rules, but I can tell from the moment I laid eyes on her, in spite of her good girl facade, Dakota Saddler was always meant to break them with me.

His chaos was contagious and I needed a damn antibiotic.


Two things you’ll need while reading this book:

A fan

Some new panties

Andre Demarco is coming in HOT! Saddler’s Scandal is hands down the steamiest book out of this series.

Dakota Saddler is kind of mystery. Throughout the story we have only gotten little glimpses of her compared to the rest of her siblings so I have been looking forward to her book and seeing more about who she is, besides the youngest Saddler. She is a teacher and definitely very innocent compared to her sisters. At 25 she has worked hard to get where she is in her career and doesn’t want to do anything that could put it in danger. Andre is a teacher, too. Though he is different from Dakota. He is a free spirt, goes wherever the wind takes him, doesn’t stay in one place for long. He is also far from innocent and has no problem with showing that.

The chemistry between Dakota and Andre is EXPLOSIVE. It is off the charts hot from the very first moment they met and I didn’t think it could get any hotter, but it does. I loved the forbidden aspect of their relationship and the fact that Andre would do everything in his power to push all of Dakota’s buttons.

I am sad this is the ending of the Saddler squad but they went out with a bang. Saddler’s Scandal and the rest of the books in this series are MUST READS!


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