REVIEW ➼ Rule by L.A. Cotton


Eva and Rafe’s story concludes in this emotional, angsty, rock star romance from the bestselling author of the Rixon Raiders series

Rafe Hunter thought he was destined for two things in life: playing guitar, and keeping his brother on the straight and narrow.

Until Eva.

She makes him want to be better. Makes him dream of life after the band. But Black Hearts Still Beat is all he’s ever known.

Rafe wants a future with Eva but when you’re choosing between your heart and head, fame or the future, nothing is ever simple.

Music saved them, but is it finally time for Rafe to let his heart rule? Or will love be the ultimate downfall of Eva and her Black Hearted boys?

Just a girl in love with a boy, wondering how they were going to survive the odds.


I have been waiting for the conclusion to Rafe and Eva’s story since the jaw dropping cliffhanger in book two. Since book one I have fallen in love with Rafe and Eva. Their story was full of so many ups and downs and struggles. Despite everything will they make it through everything together?

I loved the chemistry Eva has with Rafe, but also with Levi, Damon and Hunter. Sure, it is different with all the guys but it made the story and was one of the best things for me. She was unexpected to them all and I think they all realized how much they needed her in their lives. The growth of Eva was also fantastic. The series started with this shy, little, timid girl who was afraid to speak up or take risks and by the end she was rocking it on tour and willing to stand up for what she loves.

I did find myself craving a little more drama between Rafe and Levi, especially with how book two ended. Though, I am glad there was a resolution to that problem, I just wanted more. Plus, Hunter and Molly….I need more of those two! Rule did have some drama, but compared to the previous books this one is a little more on the sweeter side and I’m glad it wrapped up Rafe and Eva’s story. However, I can’t wait to see what happens next for the band!

Rule and the rest of the series are MUST READS!


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