REVIEW ➼ Royal Games by T.K. Leigh


I was his biggest regret. He was my greatest adventure…

Every girl dreams of falling in love with a prince.

When I met Jeremy, I thought he was my prince.

Caring. Compassionate. Sensitive.

And, unfortunately for me, not attracted to women.

So here I am, thirty years old and divorced when most of my friends are just getting married. In desperate need of a restart, I set off on a road trip to learn how to love myself again.

The last thing I expected was to meet him.

Anderson North.

Mysterious. Enigmatic. Incredibly handsome.

And, after a malfunction with my rental car, my new road companion.

Can I give this man a piece of my heart after having it broken?
Can I learn to trust again after having that trust betrayed?
When he reveals his deepest secret, can I look beyond the lies and toward the only thing that matters?

I’ve always dreamed of finding my very own Prince Charming.

Maybe my prince is Anderson North.

Two worlds. Two polar opposites. But two people who have somehow found each other.


I’ve loved Nora since the beginning of this series and I’m so glad she finally got a story. Royal Games was everything I could have wanted and more.

Nora is newly divorced, she is finding her self alone. Her friends suggest a vacation and Nora decides to take the trip she never got to take years ago and travel along the famous Route 66. Anderson decides to take a trip along Route 66 before his completely loses the ability to do things on his own. Nora and Anderson run into each other a few times while on the trip and decide to let faith decide if they will run into each other….well faith was definitely in their favor.

Nora’s past is an emotional one and it tends to easily mix with her present as she continues on this journey. Anderson also has an emotional past and his present is also looking grim. Both of them are struggling with their emotions, yet they find comfort in each other and their adventure. I loved the chemistry between Nora and Anderson from the start.

The story takes a completely emotional and unexpected twist and completely changes everything for Nora and Anderson, so it’s up to them if they are willing to look past what happened and find a future together.

I completely fell in love with these characters and I’m so excited to see where their next adventure takes them.

If you love royal romances, if you love road trip romances and if you love angsty romances this one is a MUST READ!


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