REVIEW ➼ Ride Dirty, Cowboy by Elle Thorpe



Sunny Burke is the all-American life of the party. The golden boy everybody loves, a talented cowboy, and the man who warms my bed at night.

In rodeo circles, they call Kai Hunt ‘Frost’ because of his determination to win and his icy exterior. He’s never made it a secret he can’t stand his best friend’s girl. Aka, me.

Then the three of us got into a car and everything changed.

Because only two left it alive.

In the aftermath, I slink back home to my little country town to lick my wounds. Yet fate has other plans. When a job offer rolls in, the assignment is simple. Tour the US on the pro bull riding tour. Write down the riders’ secrets, and then share them with the world in a weekly gossip column.

But how can I go, when he’ll be there? The man who’s avoided me ever since the accident. He’s made it clear how he feels about me, and what happened that night.

What does it matter if his gaze sets my body on fire?

What does it matter if my heart screams that he’s it? He’s the one.

It doesn’t.

Not when there’s more than just the ghosts of that night keeping us apart.

Though he might not be a man of many words, that kiss said more than anything he could have spoken aloud.


I have been DYING for this book after the way Talk Dirty, Cowboy ended. I needed to know what happened. Kai and Addie’s story does not disappoint. The more books I read from Elle the more and more I fall in love with her writing, her characters and her stories. She isn’t afraid to shy away from tough topics and does such a great job of writing them.

Kai and Addie’s story was everything I could have hoped for and so much more. I loved the chemistry between the two of them from the very start. However, Kai felt that he couldn’t have her, that he should have her. Addie was Sunny’s and in his mind would always been Sunny’s. Addie is heartbroken over the loss of Sunny and recovering from her injuries when she is offered a job working the Rodeo circuit and interviewing everyone involved. Kai and Addie can only avoid their attraction to one another for so long….

I loved being able to follow Kai and Addie on the Rodeo circuit. It is so fun to see more of the Bull riding world. Kai and Addie’s connection, their bond and their shared loss of Sunny. Addie’s attitude and gracefulness when it came to handling Kai’s father.

Like Talk Dirty, Cowboy this one also ends on a little cliffhanger and I can not wait to see what happens next!

Ride Dirty, Cowboy is a MUST READ for anyone who loves cowboy romances with some drama and steam!


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