REVIEW ➼ Revenge by Laurelin Paige


Their relationship changes again when Celia learns the devil takes care of his own.

Edward Fasbender is my savior.

From the ashes of who I once was, he is helping me to rise.

He has a list of people who have wronged him. And now he’s adding names to that list. Names that I gave him.

And we will have our revenge.

Playing her little games meant she’d play my much more significant games, and that was where the fun really happened between us.


The deeper this story gets the more and more I love Edward, Celia and their relationship. And loving Celia is something I NEVER thought I would say, but she is a survivor, a fighter and learning to overcome her traumas. She has grown so much from when she was first introduced in the Fixed series and even throughout the Slay series. Edward has even grown throughout. He is possessive and 100% alpha male, but there is also a sweet side and loving side to him that he shows several times to Celia.

Revenge completely sucked me in and like the title states this is all about Revenge. Revenge for Celia and for what she experienced with her past. Like Edward, it is easy to want to protect Celia, to shield her and to root for her. Their relationship continued to grow throughout this story.

Like any of Laurelin’s books this packs in the heat, the suspense, and plenty of drama.

I can’t wait to see where their story goes and how this series ends for Edward and Celia, but there is one thing I do know, it will not be an easy ride for either of them.

Revenge is a MUST READ, along with the previous books in the Slay series!


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