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REVIEW ➼ Rebel Priest by Adriane Leigh


When the bottom finally falls out of Tressa Torrado’s life and she’s given an eviction notice for her one-bedroom walk-up, she lands at the first place that’ll have her–and the last place she’d expect to find herself.

Father Bastien Castaneda is trained to heal the wounded of his flock, his warrior strength and mysterious moral fortitude as intoxicating as any superpower. Soon they’re working side by side together–chemistry simmering to a boiling point as two desperate hearts find the will to live again as forbidden love lights like lighter fluid in their hearts. 

But it isn’t long before secrets so explosive come to light it torches the very foundation of their belief, and only time will tell if theirs is a love strong enough to survive the inevitable fall.

He seemed the epitome of faith, a true living saint — and I couldn’t help the tiny whisper of rebellion that wondered if there was ever a crack in all of his pious moral armor.


Rebel Priest is forbidden romance at it’s finest. This story is sinfully addictive from the very first page to the very last.

Tressa is homeless, not a penny to her name and when Father Bastian discovers her on the steps of his church he offers her a place to stay and a job. These two are drawn to each other from the very first moment they met. However, Bastian is a Holy Man. He shouldn’t be having these thoughts, however he can’t help it. Tressa is a temptation he never expected to meet.

You can only fight the pull for so long and when Tressa and Bastian give in to temptation it is EXPLOSIVE. Their story isn’t an easy one. There is so much the each have to face. Despite the hard road their faith in each other continued to grow. The twists and turns of this story will draw you in, capture your soul and have you falling in love with these two people.

Rebel Priest is a sinfully addicting forbidden romance. A MUST READ!