REVIEW ➼ Rebel Desire by L.K. Farlow


As a wedding photographer, it’s no surprise that Ashley Murphy, despite her perpetual singleness, is a little in love with love.

When she catches a hunky best man checking her out while on the job, her heart all but shouts, “He’s the one”. Until he opens his mouth. Colton Banks is a cocky lawyer with a mean streak a country mile wide.

Colton prefers order to chaos. He believes there’s a time and place for everything, so when a lilac haired hottie sends him a flirtatious wink while she’s on the job, he’s less than impressed.

When she shows up at his office a week later asking for legal help, his first instinct is to send her packing. But day after day, she returns, finding new elaborate ways to break him down.

It’s not until a life-altering surprise shows up on Colton’s doorstep that things start to change. Ironically, the answer to his problem may be his incredibly annoying, free-spirited new “friend.”

Complications. Lust. Attraction. Love.

As their tenuous friendship grows, the chemistry between them becomes a raging inferno, and everyone knows you can’t deny your rebel desires.

Meeting the – albeit, unknowing – love of your life and having him hate you on sight tends to put a damper on things. Story of my freaking life.


This. Book. Is. Amazing. The tension, the banter, the characters, the story, everything. I completely DEVOURED this story, I knew the moment I picked it up I wouldn’t be able to stop.

I LOVE Ashley. She is a sassy, caring and you can’t help but just love her. Colton is uptight and pretty much a jerk and you kind of want to hate him from the start. These two are complete opposites but I LOVE their chemistry and their banter was hilarious. He pushes her away and yet, Ashley isn’t one to give up and keeps on fighting. When life throws a curveball in Colton’s life, Ashley is the one who is there from the start and really helps him out.

I loved getting to see a whole different side to Colton. He isn’t completely uptight and a jerk, he does have a softer and sweeter side. Of course, over time the chemistry only grew stronger and temptation can only be ignored for so long. Plus, Daddy Colton is H.O.T. Seriously, you’ll swoon over these guys hardcore.

L.K. Farlow wrote a beautiful story with Rebel Desire. If (surprise) single dad rom coms are your jam this one is a MUST READ!


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