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REVIEW ➼ Price of Love by Erica Marselas



When it comes to relationships, I’m a magnet for attracting all the wrong men.

I need a date—desperately—when I find out my lying, cheating ex is going to my best friend’s wedding.

Trusting the stars, my meddlesome Grams places a personal ad in the paper for me with one stipulation:

Leos need not apply.

While taking care of her, an all too familiar Pediatric nurse with startling blue eyes asks me on a date.

But he’s a Leo. Not only by name, but by birth date.

This patient, caring, determined man wants me, but my heart has paid the ultimate price in the past.

Will he be the one to mend my heart or will I pay the price once again?

Sometimes you have to pay the price of love to learn the true value of it.


Erica Marselas is a new to me author and after reading this story I will definitely be checking out some more of her books. I was completely sucked into Claire and Leo’s story from the very beginning.

Claire doesn’t have the best of luck when it comes to relationships. Leo is a pediatric nurse, who just so happens to work at the same hospital that Claire’s grandmother is in. He is also the step-brother of Claire’s most recent ex. They run into each other at the hospital and start talking one day and things quickly progress from there.

They have some great chemistry. I loved how effortless and easy-going their entire relationship was from the start. Leo is super sweet and romantic. Who wouldn’t love a guy who surprises you with your favorite snacks?! Of course, things aren’t smooth sailing and there is some drama that occurs.

I loved Claire’s grandmother and her best friends. They were amazing secondary characters that added so much to the overall story. I loved Claire and Leo’s entire relationship. Their story was truly written in the stars from the very first moment they met.