REVIEW ➼ Pin-Up Pilot by Claire Raye


Alexa Purdy has sworn off men and he’s her worst nightmare.

Arrogant and flirtatious, and now International Airlines’ newest pilot, Jake Campbell has a panty-dropping smile and a body to match. But he’s no match for Alexa’s cold heart.

Plagued by a bad reputation and a bitter divorce, Alexa is determined to make a name for herself outside of the bedroom. As International Airlines’ only female pilot, she’s had to work twice as hard and she won’t let someone like Jake bring her down.

But she’s surprised to find he’s nothing like she expected him to be. Even more surprising is her growing attraction to him and his obvious attraction to her—an attraction that causes her to question whether swearing off men is such a good idea after all.

But when Jake’s past resurfaces, she realizes getting close to him may be her biggest mistake of all.

We all have a story to tell and it’s part of what makes us who we are.


The more I read from Claire Raye the more I completely fall in love with their writing and stories. They don’t shy away from societal issues, they write strong women who aren’t afraid to stand up and shout from the rooftops. Alexa is no exception to this and she may be my favorite Claire Raye heroine to date.

Alexa is a captain, a damn good one, however, she has a reputation among her peers. Jake is a first officer, former Air Force member and not afraid of a strong woman. I love how well these two characters balance each other and support each other. From the moment they met there was a connection and I loved that Jake was able to slowly get Alexa to lower her walls and relax, even though she has sworn off men and has some issues with them after her divorce.  

I’ve got a MASSIVE girl crush on Alexa. She is kicking booty in a male dominated career and she helps young girls who are interested in flying. She is a role model to any woman out there. I was cheering her on during a certain bar scene (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you read it) and for fighting for equality in the workplace. Jake, well how can you not love an Aussie?! Seriously, he is swoony and supportive and isn’t afraid to stand up and support Alexa. He also rents an entire theater to watch The Fast and The Furious, YES PLEASE! Sign me up! There were so many sweet moments, emotional moments, and some heat. Plus a little cameo from Carter (Playboy Pilot)  and I ADORED the girls in Alexa’s flight school, especially sassy Sofia.

Honestly, I could go on forever about how amazing this book is, how much I love Alexa and Jake, and Claire Raye’s writing. This is just one book you’ll have to read. It is a MUST READ and one of my TOP BOOKS of 2020.


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