REVIEW ➼ Own the Eights by Krista Sandor


Bookshop owner, Georgie Jensen, is done with shallow jerks. Her Own the Eights blog dishes out advice on how to steer clear of egotistical creeps only concerned with looks and status. Her focus is finding one’s true soulmate—not the superficial ten but the solid, reliable eight.

Jordan Marks is the city’s top fitness trainer who won’t settle for anything less than the best. His blog promotes working hard, playing harder, and striving to always be—you guessed it—a ten.

When these two opposites are forced to team-up for an online competition, opinions clash and mouse pads fly.

The twist: there can only be one winner, and if Georgie wants to keep her shop open, that winner needs to be her.

But the more time this eight and this ten spend together, the more they learn that, when it comes to love, a number might not be what matters the most.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Hold on, messy bun girl……


Own the Eights is such a fun, sweet, hot enemies to lovers romance. I loved every single moment of this book!

After being told she was only an eight that started something for Georgie, aka a blog to show that eights are perfect. Jordan is a ten, he thinks he can help everyone be a ten from his blog. However, when him and Georgie are in a competition that would help them both out, they are forced to work together. Can an eight and a ten work together?

I loved Georgie. She was real, she was fun, she was living her best life. Plus, the woman owns a bookstore, how can you not love that?! She took everything in stride and had a great mentality that she would relay to everyone who follows her blog. Jordan took some time to get used to. He first comes across as a major jerk, the stereotypical ten, but the more you got to know him and his story the more he steals your heart. The chemistry between Georgie and Jordan was great. They started out as enemies, as competitors both trying to win, but things quickly progressed and they both realized there was more to each of them that meets the eye.

Own the Eights is another great addition to all the previous books that Krista has written and a MUST READ! If you’re looking for a fun, enemies to lovers rom com this is definitely one to check out!


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