REVIEW ➼ My Girl by AJ Wolf


》 Jessie 《
Delaney Luciano thinks her heart
only sings for that Bastardo
Donatello, but I’ve heard its sweet
whispers. Every tired confession.
Every desperate plea.

My Laney Girl doesn’t know it yet,
but I’m what her poor bandaged
heart really wants. What it really

I’m coming to take back what I
never should have let walk away.
I’m coming for my girl.

》 This is book 3 in the Bloody Business Series. Book 2 (My Life) MUST be read in order to understand the storyline and characters. Reading book 1 (My Heart) is also recommended.

》Trigger Warning:
This book contains content that some may consider as cheating, blood/violence, adult language, and sexual content. Please read at your own discretion

If everyone I love is a monster, does that make me one too?


I HIGHLY recommend reading both My Heart and My Life before jumping into My Girl because the previous books will provide a lot of the background into the characters and the overall story. That being said My Girl was FANTASTIC and NOTHING like I was expecting. I went into the story thinking it would end a certain way, then when I started reading, I slightly changed my mind, then back to my original thought. Needless to say, I was constantly guessing the entire way through.

Delaney is with Donatello, the man she has wanted for years. Jessie is her best friend and source of comfort for her when times were tough. However, there is something more there. Delaney has chemistry with Donatello and Jessie, she loves both men, she wants both me, but which one will ultimately win the girl?

This one has been my favorite of the entire series. I loved that there were some scenes with Remy and Bev and their family. It had me guessing, on the edge of my seat, laughing, and getting emotional. I loved every single moment of this story and I wasn’t ready for it to end.

If you love Mafia romances check out the Bloody Business series, because it is a MUST READ!


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