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REVIEW ➼ Misadventures of a Biker by Scott Hildreth


Devin “Bone” Wallace is fresh out of prison and under orders from his parole office to find employment or be re-incarcerated. He’s not exactly a “people person” and he’s got zero computer skills, but that doesn’t stop him from applying at one of the most prestigious real estate firms on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

High-end real estate broker Tedi Mack’s main focus is selling eight-figure beachfront mansions. In desperate need of an office receptionist, she interviews three bubblegum-chewing twenty-somethings and a stunningly handsome tattooed biker who wears his wallet on a chain. Tedi and her all-woman sales staff make a very quick decision: Devin the biker.

After Devin makes a recommendation about a listing that’s been a thorn in Tedi’s side, the property sells, and the celebration leads to an unexpected connection. The attraction is undeniable and hard to resist, but Tedi would be risking her social and professional status being with Devin, a tattooed biker saddled with debt and a surprising criminal past.

Mesmerized by his tattoos – and his honey-colored eyes – I gawked like he was a ten-car pileup of exotic cars on Highway 41.


Scott Hilderth is a new to me author, but after reading this book I knew that I’ll be checking out more of his books. Misadventures of a Biker is a steamy, quick read.

Devin has just been released from prison after eight years. He needs a job, so he applies to be a receptionist for a real estate firm. What he doesn’t expect is Teddi, the woman who is now his new boss. I loved their story so much. It was scorching and these two are have chemistry that just explodes off the pages.

Devin is an alpha male; he is dominant and confident. The man knows what he loves and he isn’t afraid to say it. Teddi has been burned in the past and she has some walls up to protect herself. However, it doesn’t take long for Devin to break through them all.  

If tattooed, dominant bikers are your jam and you love books with explosive chemistry this one is a MUST READ!