REVIEW ➼ Mature Content by AJ Alexander and Rebecca Gallo


As Hollywood’s perennial bachelor, I have a reputation to protect.
Everything changes the moment Ivy Parrish arrives on set.

Fresh-faced and doe-eyed, her innocence calls to me like a moth to a flame.
I know I should stay away before she becomes tabloid fodder.

But I don’t plan on it when she calls me Daddy.

“You’re everything to me, Ivy and I’ll give you the world if you’ll let me.”


This series just keeps getting better and better. Ford and Ivy are perfection, just like these two were drawn to each other, I was completely hooked on them and their story.

Ford may be a celebrity, but he is not a fan of being the in spotlight, especially after a tragic event claimed someone he loved and injured him. Ivy is a foster child who didn’t think she would ever be able to escape her small town. However, the moment Ford sees Ivy he is drawn to her and Ivy is drawn to Ford. They just so happen to be working on the same film, him the actor and Ivy is the special effects make up artist.

Holy chemistry! I swear everything between Ford and Ivy was explosive, electric and addicting. Ford is determined to make Ivy his and he won’t let anyone or anything come between them. He will do everything he can to protect her and keep her safe, especially from the prying eyes of Hollywood. I loved Ivy. She is used to being on her own and isn’t afraid to take care of herself, despite that she also isn’t afraid to let Ford in and to let him protect her.

Mature Content is packed full of heat and explosive chemistry, but it is also a beautiful story about finding your second chance at love. I DEVOURED this book and couldn’t get enough of Ford and Ivy. I couldn’t get enough of their best friends either and I can’t wait for their story coming up next.

Mature Content is a MUST READ!


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