REVIEW ➼ Making the Call by Amanda Shelley


As a bestselling romance author, most assume my life’s glamorous, filled with combustible chemistry, and most of all, romance. Ha! I can only wish. With a deadline looming, I’ve escaped to my family’s cabin on Anderson Island to free myself from distractions. My plan’s great, until a man, who could pass as a cover model on one of my books, comes to my rescue. Is there chemistry? Sure. Is he everything I’d look for in a guy? Absolutely. But will my career be at risk if I give into my desire?

For a player, women line up outside the locker room. For coaches, we’re lucky to get in the game. As the youngest NFL coach in the league, I live, eat, breathe, and even sleep football. To gear up for this season, I return to my home on Anderson Island for a much-needed break. When Dani literally crashes into my life, my mind’s suddenly on the sexy brunette with a sailors mouth, rather than my team’s next play. She has me dusting off another playbook entirely, making me wonder, did I make the right call?

A man with his looks, that’s kind, helps those in need, and can cook? I must have woken up in an alternate reality.


Amanda Shelley is a new to me author and I can’t wait to read more from her in the future. The idea behind this book is what drew me to it. A romance author and a head football coach. Two people who seem so different from each other but they work so well together.

Dani and Luke meet on their small little island. When Dani doesn’t recognize Luke, he doesn’t give her all the details of who he is and what is job is. He loves the idea that this woman likes him for him, not for his money or career. However, Dani is a best-selling romance author with a pretty big following of her own.

I loved the instant chemistry these two people had. Their relationship progressed quickly, however, it didn’t feel rushed and fit with these two characters. I loved how supportive both Dani and Luke were of each others careers and wanted to make sure they both succeeded in what they were doing. The secondary characters, mostly both Dani and Luke’s families, were great additions and added a lot to the overall story. I hope that there are more of these characters in the future!

Making the Call is a super sweet, sports romance that will suck you in form the start. A MUST READ!


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