REVIEW ➼ Lost Love by Carolyn Pentecost


“The town of Black River Falls has had more than its fair share of drama and despair. I once overheard my mother tell my sister that this town was cursed. At the time I thought it was stupid but looking back at the events that have unfolded over the years, I believe it. Too much has happened for me to think otherwise and I fear it’s only beginning.” Lost Love will finally reveal the answers to all of your questions from Tainted Love and Untold Love. Find out what happened to Samantha, Megan, Charlotte, Jordan, Jax, Rose Mary, and everyone else in the final book in the Black River Falls Series and…prepare yourself.

What on Earth do you wear to lunch with a psychopath? Or would she be a sociopath?


Lost Love picks up right where things ended in book two, Untold Love. Unknown is finally revealed and I can tell you I was SHOCKED!

The story primarily focuses on Charlotte, who is Samantha’s sister and Megan’s best friend. She is an interior designer, a wife and a mother to her two little girls. She had a rough life with her parents and with everything that happened to her sister, but there was more to her story. I felt for her with everything she had to deal with.

Lost Love was just one bomb after the next. Secrets were being revealed left and right from the very first page and continued to the very last page. So many of the things being revealed where not what I was expecting or where I was expecting the story to go. There were twists and turns throughout. This book was intense and addictive and I couldn’t put it down.

This quote from the book pretty much sums up the entire series, “Everything feels like an episode of Criminal Minds.” That being said Lost Love is a MUST READ! If suspense, drama and secrets galore with some romance are your thing then I would HIGHLY recommend the Black River Falls series!


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