REVIEW ➼ Kiss to Conquer by Anna B. Doe


The past tore them apart.

After a terrible accident took everything from Callie Stewart, enrolling at Blairwood University is supposed to be a chance at a new beginning.

Living his best life, Hayden Watson, star wide receiver for the Blairwood Ravens, is heading straight for the NFL draft and nothing is going to stand in his way.

The present brings them together.

Their paths were never supposed to cross, but when they do, all those old demons and feelings come rushing back. Hayden thinks he knows all about Callie’s life before Blairwood and he’s not ready to let go of the past, much less forgive her for what she has done three years ago.

One thing’s for sure… it’s going to take more than a kiss to conquer their broken past.

I want to hate her. I should hate her. But a part of me refuses to get the memo.


Kiss to Conquer is emotional, beautifully written, and a great enemies to lovers romance. There is something about Anna B. Doe’s writing that completely draws me into the story and makes me fall in love with every single character.

I loved that this story primarily focused on the present, however, there were little bits and pieces of the past mixed in to give some insight into Callie and Hayden’s relationship and how things started and ended for them. Their story started out as friends, then quickly turned to an enemies to lovers and with a second chance vibe mixed in. Despite the dislike for each other you could feel the chemistry coming off the pages for these two characters.

My heart broke for Callie. Her life was changed in an instant and you could feel how much it still gripped her life. It changed who she was, gave her a different outlook on life. I felt for Hayden, too. He had it rough growing up and when the one person he grew close to hurt him that bothered him.  When their hatred towards each other comes to a head I was in tears. It was emotional, but I loved seeing a different side to both of these characters.

Every single character in this story was great and added to it. I can’t wait for the next book in this all new series.

Kiss to Conquer is an emotional MUST READ!


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