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REVIEW ➼ Irresistible by Jenna Hartley


No lies.
No feelings.
Just sex.

It’s basically my mantra. So when I meet a woman who demands nothing more of me than those three things, it sounds like the perfect arrangement.

Or so I thought.

Because for the first time in my life, I find myself wanting more. I find myself wanting the one woman who seems intent on keeping me at arm’s length.

“Aren’t we a pair?”
“A pair of workaholic sex fiends who have no life,” she joked.


I love age gap romances, but the way Jenna Hartley writes age gaps…I am ADDICTED. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she writes about strong, successful women and Irresistible is no exception to this. Lauren and Hunter were previously introduced in Unexpected and I loved the little bits we got of them in that book, so I was excited for much more of them.

Lauren doesn’t do relationships, at all. They aren’t her thing. She is strong, confident, successful and I pretty much want to be her best friend. Hunter is young, but successful. He owns his own business and his hardworking and truly a great friend. Like Lauren, he also doesn’t do relationships. He is more of one and done type of guy. However, after an encounter in the family planning aisle of Target these two will cross paths several times.

I loved the beginning of Lauren and Hunter’s relationship. Back before they knew each other’s names and would run into each other in the most random of places. There was always somewhat of a connection between them and that connection continued to blossom as the story progressed. I LOVED the banter they had. It was the perfect mix of heat and laughs.

Lauren and Hunter brought out feelings in each other they didn’t know they could help. They truly completed each other and made each other better people.

Irresistible is a MUST READ!