REVIEW ➼ If Only by L. Sherman


The story is set in beautiful Kenya, Mombasa, where we follow Cora and Julian. Cora Green has returned to Africa and has a plan to work on a story lead. Julian is a freelance photographer and assigned to her for the next month.

Things will, without a doubt, heat up between our two protagonists involving a wager, a free pass, travels to faraway destinations, and two restless souls with the world as their workplace.

Enjoy Cora and Julian’s encounter in beautiful Mombasa, Kenya. Let’s send them on a trip, they know nothing about yet.

And so the story begins.

First of all, I’m not your princess or anyone’s. I loathe nicknames, especially male chauvinistic, demeaning, belittle, endearing, probably well-meaning names for women.


What happens when a journalist and a photographer meet in the beautiful setting of Kenya? You get a steamy romance full of chemistry, heat and world travel.

Cora is a journalist working in Kenya. Julian is a photographer assigned to assist Cora. From the moment these two meet there is an attraction, that attraction quickly escalates into something stronger, lust. A bet is made and those are meant to be broken.

Cora and Julian have instant chemistry and as the story progresses it grows stronger and stronger. I loved their relationship. They compliant each other, the instantly supported each other and motivated each other. Despite everything starting out as a physical attraction they had something that went so much deeper.

If Only is a fairly quick, steamy read that will take you all over Kenya, to Colombia to a brief stint in Siberia. Get ready to travel and fall in love with Cora and Julian.

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