REVIEW ➼ Hot Mess by Emma Hart


What do you do when the whole world has seen you getting down and dirty in a broom closet?

I, Elle Evans, am on the run.
Not from the fuzz—although that would be more exciting.
No, I’m on the run from the four-year-old private tape that, thanks to my vengeful ex, has probably already ruined my vlogging career.
There’s nothing like the entire world knowing what you look like mid-O.
Creek Keys, Florida, is a million miles away from NYC and the perfect place for me to hide for the rest of summer until I can figure out what I’m going to do.
Something that’s easier said than done since my new landlord’s daughter thinks you’re God’s greatest gift. Even better? Their beach house is right next to the one I’m renting, so there’s no getting away from her—or her hot, British dad.
Who most definitely does not think I’m role model material.
He might be right.
The problem is that neither of us can say no to her.
Or each other.

“He’s a single dad?”
“A British one.”
“Lord above, I think I just fell for him. You know those are my favorite books in the world to read.”


Elle Evans life is a hot mess. She’s run away from her home, her family, her city. She manages to make her away all to the Florida Keys, a small town where she can hid away from the drama surrounding her life. What she doesn’t expect when she arrives is meeting a British single father and his adorable nine year old daughter.

Elle is a lifestyle vlogger. She is clumsy, quirky and an idol to so many young girls. Theo has a lot of walls in place. He loves his daughter and she has him wrapped around her fingers. He’s somewhat of a grump, but does warm up to people. He knows who Elle is because his daughter is obsessed with her videos, he knows why she is hiding out and judged her instantly. However, she is living in his rental.

I loved the connection between Elle and Ari (Theo’s daughter). Elle was so sweet to Ari and truly bonded with her. There were so many sweet moments between them. Theo and Elle had a slow burn, but I loved the banter between them and their chemistry.

Hot Mess is a hilarious rom com. It is super fun, sweet, and quick read.

 If you love single dad romances, a tropical location, an adorable nine year old,  and a crazy group of geriatric conspiracy theorists this is a MUST READ!


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