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REVIEW ➼ Harvest of Sighs by Sierra Simone


The genius and the sunshine girl. As children, we fought bitterly and often, bickering every chance we got.

But then we grew up.
Then we came back.

Delphine Dansey carries her heart on the outside of her body; she’s looking for love and chasing dreams. She’s spoiled and selfish, the kind of beautiful that’s made for money and fame. But somehow she’s ended up in my keeping: a pretty submissive I can’t seem to resist, a lover who obsesses and tempts me.

I thought I’d locked my heart away a long time ago, along with all my other weaknesses. But some doors won’t stay closed, no matter how hard I fight to keep them shut. She unravels me, just like our friends are unraveling, just like Thornchapel itself is unraveling.

All year long, we’ve been sowing lust and jealousy and pain, heedless of the consequences. But a harvest is inevitable, and so now we must reap our sorrows.

And our sighs.

And I knew then, as I know now, That I was always meant to come back to Thornchapel. Not because it was meant for me. But because I was meant for it.


As this series continues I fall more and more in love with these characters, the setting, and the story. Sierra Simone’s writing completely sucks you into this world she has created and I am living for it.

The mysteries, the suspense, the twists, the turns, the love, the steam, lies, truths, and secrets continue throughout Harvest of Sighs. While some things were revealed throughout the course of the book, so many more things came up.

Rebecca and Delphine are a couple and their Domme/submissive relationship is everything I wanted and more. The chemistry they have together is off the charts. I love their relationship. The struggles they experience, the highs and lows of their relationship. I love Becket. The priest. The man who is struggling with his feelings for Poe. You can feel his pain, his emotions, his love throughout. Of course, Auden, Poe and St. Sebastian continue to navigate through their relationship together.

I love how each of the six plays a major role in the story. They each bring something so different and each play a different role in the mystery that is Thornchapel. I love the bond and chemistry between everyone. I love seeing everyone’s lives at Thornchapel, but also seeing their lives outside of it and how everyone’s lives are so connected.

After the ending of this book and the wait for the next one I don’t know If want to be angry because of how this one ended, cry because the end is coming or be happy that all secrets will hopefully be revealed soon.

Harvest of Sighs, along with the previous books in the series are MUST READ! These should be read in order.