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REVIEW ➼ Gone Nerdy by Katrina Marie


What happens when your one night stand becomes your new roomie?

When it comes to men, Tiffany doesn’t get attached. She has seen a broken heart and will do anything to keep hers intact. Her live life to the fullest mentality has her bouncing from bed to bed with no commitments until the one night stand, Spencer, she thought she would never see again walks through her door, surprising them both.

Though excited to have the chance to be around her, it becomes apparent that Spencer wants more from the fiery redhead living steps from his bed. Will they or won’t they? And can the girl with her walls up let in the one man who could be the one?

This is either the smartest or the dumbest idea I’ve ever had. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.


Gone Nerdy is a quick, funny, and sweet one-night stand turned roommates turned lovers story.

Tiffany is the youngest out of her two cousins, they are both protective of her. She is a free spirit and feisty. Spencer is a programmer and more reserved. Tiffany doesn’t do relationships and Spencer just doesn’t have good luck when it comes to relationships since he is rather nerdy.

Tiffany and Spencer are complete opposites, but they are so perfect for each other. They balance each other out. Tiffany embraces Spencer’s nerdy side. Spencer is supportive of Tiffany and her job and her free spirit. These two had so much chemistry.

Gone Nerdy is a pretty quick read and Tiffany and Spencer’s relationship quickly progresses, minus a few bumps in the road. If you’re looking for a sweet and funny romance with a feisty redhead and a nerdy computer programmer this is a MUST READ!